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Looking for a soccer skills coach in Citrus Heights, California or the surrounding areas?

Want your child to outplay and out-think their opponent in every match?

Does your child lack confidence?

Maybe you are looking for your child to get on that certain travel team and the potential of a college soccer scholarship?

I am so confident that my Soccer Skills Training will help your child amaze every coach they play for…or want to play for. You will have coaches begging you to let your child play on their team.


Hi, I’m Coach Phil!

You made a great choice by clicking through to my website and I promise, you and your young athlete will not be disappointed!

Start training with me today and watch your athlete OVERCOME obstacles and build confidence in just one session. I can guarantee they will begin to turn heads on the soccer field even after the first day of training with me.

You think your child is good now?

Wait till your child taps into the soccer training techniques I have put together in these never seen before monthly programs that are a cut above anything else in the area. I am certain that you will be AMAZED!

I will also promise you that I am not your every day normal soccer coach. My program creates results, builds confidence, and produces leaders in every student-athlete I coach and mentor.

Just ask Julie…

My daughter has only had three lessons so far and has learned more with Phil than in all the years she’s been playing soccer. Phil has taught her so many new drills and her confidence level has risen tremendously. Phil is extremely nice and energetic and makes each lesson enjoyable.”

As a coach, I love people and I sincerely care more about your child’s long term future than I do about training them to be a better soccer player. Now don’t get me wrong, I love soccer and I enjoy playing the game, but as much as I love soccer there is more to life than just a game.

I will build athletes and I will pour all my soccer knowledge into your child. That you can be sure of! But more importantly, I want to create a leader in your child who can impact the community or maybe even the world. I want your child to be able to succeed not only in soccer but also in life.

Taking Only A Limited Number Of Athletes

I would like to encourage you to sign your child up for this exclusive training before everyone else does. Why? Due to high training volume, I only have limited space as a private instructor. The sign-up process will close as soon as my time slots are full for the year and I don’t want your star athlete to miss their chance! Call or text Coach Phil at 916-817-9628 before you miss out on this amazing opportunity.

Now, let me help you understand a little better what my soccer training programs are all about…



I train boys and girls ages 9-18 years old (4th-12th grade) who are committed to getting better every day.  I provide individualized private soccer training in Citrus Heights, Roseville, Rocklin, Folsom, Granite Bay and Lincoln, CA and surrounding areas.


At Soccer Skills University, my monthly Soccer Skills Training Programs will focus on three aspects of training:

  • Creating Results
  • Building Confidence
  • Producing Leaders

Creating Results – That Translate To The Field

This aspect of training is all about basic soccer drills. I will be teaching your child…

  • How to Dribble a Soccer Ball
  • Soccer Shooting Drills With Power
  • How to Pass With Accuracy
  • Defensive Soccer Drills With Precision
  • And So Much More.

If you or your child think they already know how to do all these things…well, think again! Some of this stuff I brought back with me from Brazil from crazy talented players I had the privilege to play against. I am certain your child has not seen this stuff.

One of the greatest soccer players who ever lived, David Beckham, once said,

“I have always believed that if you want to achieve anything special in life you have to work, work, and then work some more.”

Soccer is for anyone who wants to put in the work, week in and week out. At Soccer Skills University, that is what we are after. Working hard and seeing the results. If you want to start seeing results, sign up now. Call or text Coach Phil at 916-817-9628 before all slots are full.

Building Soccer Confidence – One Touch At A Time

As I train athletes one of the main struggles that I see happen frequently is the lack of confidence in players.

Some athletes struggle with confidence on the field when they are in game situations. Sometimes I see that carry over to life itself which shows how they interact with others as well as how they play the game of soccer.

One aspect of my training includes mentor-ship. I want to change your child’s confidence level. I want to create an OVERCOMER… and make them the most confident and courageous athlete on the field which will naturally translate to off-field situations. So much good comes from an athlete that believes they can make a difference in this world and to understand that they are truly valuable.

What I want for all my athletes is that nothing will steal away their confidence. This not only helps them keep a positive attitude when things go wrong, but it will also change the way they play on the field during games and practices.

You do want your child to be confident, don’t you? Confidence ties into so many things other than soccer…

Such as your child is looking for a job, but they aren’t confident in getting one so they just give up. Or your child grows up, has a family but they can’t teach their kids confidence because they don’t have the confidence themselves. I could go down the list of why this aspect alone is helpful for your child. I don’t want to just build soccer athletes. I want to build solid boys and girls who grow up to be confident and respectful young men and women.  Do you desire for your child to get training like this?

Producing Leaders – That Make a Difference

I am a huge Green Bay Packer fan (that is an American football team from the NFL for those that don’t know) and the more you get to know me the more you will find that out. Why does that matter? Well, Vince Lombardi was the coach for the Green Bay Packers from 1959 – 1967. He won 3 Championships and 2 Super Bowls and was a phenomenal coach and leader. In regards to building leaders, Lombardi says,

“Leaders are not born, they are made. And they are made just like anything else, through hard work.”

Anyone can be a leader and that is why Soccer Skills University focuses on building leaders.

Picture your son or daughter producing change! Picture them inspiring others to be better, do better, and perform better! Picture them taking the initiative, leading by example, and creating more leaders. Soccer is a game of teamwork and your child will learn how to be a team player and become a leader.

Good athletes follow but great athletes, the ones that every coach talks about, lead by example. There are so many talented athletes who waste their Maidu Regional Parktalent by demanding rather than leading. What kind of child do you want – One that follows or one that leads and is packed full with a respectable character?


Most all my Soccer Training takes place at Maidu Regional Park Soccer Fields (1550 Maidu Dr. Roseville, CA. 95661).

I have noticed that this is a great in-between location for parents to drop off their child for training after school. However, I am not opposed to meeting at different locations as long as my other training sessions will allow. I will do my best to accommodate your desired location. Once you sign up we can discuss location and see what best fits your needs.


Because of the luxury we have in California weather, I train all year around. Rain or shine I am willing to train. I basically base it on how a referee would call a game in a normal soccer match. They won’t call the game just because of the rain, but they will call a game due to lightning or thunder. So, the only time I would cancel a soccer training session is if we had lightning or the field conditions were so poor that training would be more of a risk then a benefit.


I mean let’s be honest…You don’t know me from Adam so why in the world would you trust me to be a part of your child’s life? Well, you can learn more about me here at my about page and more about me and my family on my personal facebook page.

So let’s face it…there are so many trainers and coaches that you could choose from why am I any different? There are more gifted trainers and coaches with more experience than me.

But the question I have for you… do they actually care about your child? And I am not talking about how much knowledge do these trainers and coaches give them. I am talking about do they genuinely take an interest in your child. Do they know how their day went? Do they ask about their life? Do they go to their soccer games? Are they there outside of training investing in their lives?

That is what stands out in my training from any other soccer training program here in the Citrus Heights California surrounding areas. I take pride in what I do and I will strive to make your child the best soccer player on the field…

But… if your child is simply a better soccer player and not a better leader than I have failed you and your child tremendously.

I look at your child as one day being a mom or a dad who will have their own kids. Will all the soccer knowledge help them to be a good mom or dad or will all the life on life training I pour into them help them become a great parent? I look at your child as being in charge of a company or owning their own business one day. Will soccer knowledge simply help them be a better boss or will the leadership training I pump into them session after session be more helpful?

Can You Say… Overcomer? Overcomer

You see Mom and Dad; I genuinely care about your child’s future. I care about them succeeding in life and I care about them being able to work through the hardships that come along with life. I care about them doing well in school and I care about them having friends who uplift them. I care about them fitting in and I care about them having confidence. I care about them showing respect and I care about them being a leader.

You Are A Smart Person…

I promise that if you will trust me enough to invest in me for your child’s training then you WILL see your child’s talent in soccer change, and you will also see a completely different child than when they started. You will not only see a different player but an OVERCOMER.

Why? Because my soccer training program creates OVERCOMERS!

I would like to encourage you to sign your child up for my soccer training program today before it’s too late and you will become a proud parent of an OVERCOMER!

Call or Text Coach Phil at 916-817-9628 Before All Slots Are Full.

First 5 people to sign up for my 6-month program get a free Soccer Skills University T-Shirt!

Check out some of my training packages – 1on1 Elite Soccer Training, 2on1 & 3on1, group & team training, or soccer camps.

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Creating Overcomers,

Coach Phil


Coach Phil is the founder of Soccer Skills University. He is a private soccer training coach. Creating Results, Building Confidence and Producing Leaders in all his athletes that he trains Coach Phil invests in young peoples lives, helping them to become an Overcomer! You can learn more about Coach Phil on his website or his About page here at Soccer Coach Citrus Heights CA